Biral Tours - A Cultural & Spiritual Adventure


All tours and experiences will start with a family Elder's meet & greet to country

is a two (2) hour tour, which consist of visiting ONLY one (1) sacred site
The Tour Activities:
     -   You will hear the spiritual dreamtime story and connection to country
     -   You will do a bush walkabout long side a sacred waterway, and
     -   You will view images and faces in the bush, trees and the forest of the old people

Optional (if time or weather permits):
     -   Traditional boomerang dot painting


TOUR 2 is a four (4) hour tour, which consist of visiting ALL five (5) sacred sites
The Tour Activities:
     -   You will hear the spiritual dreamtime story of ALL five (5) sacred sites
     -   You will be sharing in a special family cultural and spiritual water ceremony

Optional (if time and weather permits):
     -   Traditional boomerang dot painting


OUR THIRD EXPERIENCE being the last but not least (if weather permits)
Our Activity is a:
     -   Two (2) day, one (1) night traditional camping experience

     -   With an added price, cultural activities from tours 1 or 2 could be included into the camps


For bookings, please call and check for costings, availability and suitability. Also remember B.Y.O. hats, good walking boots, drinks, food, sunscreen and personal items or medication.

logo 156 x 89Sunshine Coast Traditional Cultural & Spiritual Tours:   (On Call)

Booking or Price Enquiries: Please call Tais on
Mob: 0407 653 133 or

2 hour Tour
Visiting one [1] Sacred Site
   *  Boomerang Dot Painting (optional)

4 hour Tour
Visiting five [5] Sacred Sites
   *  Special Family Water Ceremony (optional)

Camping Available - (not powered)
   *  Tours not included

Camping with a Tour Package
   *  2 hour or a 4 hour tour available

Bee White DarkerPlease Note:   Activities and times are subject to change without notice.

What to Bring:   Fruit, water, head cover, personal necessities, enclosed footwear for bush walking and suitable wet or dry weather clothing.

Participants on Medication:   If you have forgotten your medication, please advise us asap, so a descision can be made on whether or not the tour should proceed.

In Advance:   We wish to thank everyone who participanted in our tours, and we hope you now have a greater understanding of the Undumbi tribal people's lifestyle, culture and spirituality.

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