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Your Personal Guide - Tais K'Reala Randanpi aka MUCKAN

Aboriginal Cultural Bush Walkabout Tours with a Spiritual Twist

Experience a new authentic cultural adventure, with a unique spiritual twist to the sacred lands of the Kabi Kabi Tribal Nation.

All tours are guided by an original tribal owner, family Elder, storyteller and spirit knowledge holder - Tais K’Reala Randanpi. Uncle Tais invites you to the sacred tribal lands and waterways of our people.

Come and join us on a unique journey and hear our ancestors Dreamtime stories. Learn about the spiritual aspects of our tribal lands, rocks, trees and waterways. You may even see some bush tucker or medicine plants in it's natural beauty.

We provide experiences of various lengths and times, suitable for small or large groups, starting with individuals, schools or corporate bodies at two different Sunshine Coast locations.

For a booking, please call to check for availability and suitability.

Bush Walkabout Tours:
7 days a week at Lindsay Rd, Buderim

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Booking or Price Enquiries: Please call Tais on
Mob: 0407 653 133 or

   - Buderim Bush Walkabout Tours (90Mins)
   - 5 Sacred Sites Road Trip Tours (180Mins)
   - Traditional Camping (3days - 2nights)

Bee White DarkerPlease Note: Activities and times are subject to change without notice.

Participants on Medication: If you have forgotten your medication, please advise us asap, so a descision can be made on whether or not the tour should proceed.

What to Bring: Fruit, water, head cover, personal necessities, enclosed footwear for bush walking and suitable wet or dry weather clothing.

 In Advance: We wish to thank everyone who participanted in our tours, and we hope you now have a greater understanding of the Undumbi tribal people's lifestyle, culture and spirituality.

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