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    Bush Walkabout with a Spiritual & Cultural Twist

    I was taught that the pathways were created by our elders for us to follow.  With that in mind, you can sense and feel the lingering spiritual presence of the old people, without realising it you may even be walking in the same footprints of our ancestors. 

    During these tour, certain trees will be shown to give you a better understanding of how our people once lived and survived.  By utilising the many different plants and trees in the forest, the forest became our guardians, spiritual, sacred and cultural places.  And with the many different plants, bushes and roots, it became our medicine and food supply's for the whole tribe (and if in season, you too may have the opportunity of sampling these plants as well). 

    As for the forest and the waterways, it was used for our homes, supermarkets and hospitals, which supported our cultural and spiritual lifestyles and upbringing.  Furthermore, without realising it today, the general public are still using the same pathways as public roads, in which our ancestors used and tested for thousands of years.  

    Bush Walkabout Tours:
    7days a week at Lindsay Rd, Buderim
    Kayaking Activities:
    Cancelled, due to relocation

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    Booking or Price Enquiries: Please call Tais on
    Mob: 0407 653 133 or Email:  L8A2939
    Your Personal Guide - Tais K'Reala Randanpi aka Les MUCKAN.

    Please Note: For participants on medication. If you have forgotten your medication, please advise us asap, so a descision can be made on whether or not the tour should proceed. What to bring: fruit, water, head cover, personal necessities, enclosed footwear for bush walking and suitable wet or dry weather clothing and a towel if kayaking. 

    In Advance: We wish to thank everyone who participanted in our tours, and we hope you now have a greater knowledge of the Undumbi tribal people's lifestyle, culture and spirituality. 

    Also Note: Activities and times are subject to change without notice.

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