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Bush Walkabout Tours:
7 days a week at Lindsay Rd, Buderim

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Booking or Price Enquiries: Please call Tais on
Mob: 0407 653 133 or

   - Buderim Bush Walkabout Tours (90Mins)
   - 5 Sacred Sites Road Trip Tours (180Mins)
   - Traditional Camping (3days - 2nights)

Bee White DarkerPlease Note: Activities and times are subject to change without notice.

Participants on Medication: If you have forgotten your medication, please advise us asap, so a descision can be made on whether or not the tour should proceed.

What to Bring: Fruit, water, head cover, personal necessities, enclosed footwear for bush walking and suitable wet or dry weather clothing.

 In Advance: We wish to thank everyone who participanted in our tours, and we hope you now have a greater understanding of the Undumbi tribal people's lifestyle, culture and spirituality.

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